11 September, 2010

pogácsa for rainy days

Awful, awful weather we are having lately. It is just not fair that everyone expects a nice Indian summer and instead what we have is rather normal in November then in early September. On the top of that I had a horrible day yesterday. Don't really want to elaborate on that but just for those who understands...the key words were: 8.5.1 and then consistency. If you know what they mean, then you might say "yeah that sucks" if you don't, then I can tell you that it took me one entire working day to get over with them.
So, having no better things to do but browsing on the net I found a nice recipe, whose author said that "this is a kind of snack that is so tasty that you almost feel that you commit a sin eating it and then you want some more" I thought I have to try this :) so that I make something useful with my late afternoon, while the rain was knocking on the window-pane...

Poppy seed pogácsa:
350 g flour
35g poppy seed
1.5 tsp sea salt
150g butter /margarine
100g cream cheese
2 eggs
1 sachet of baking powder
2 tbs of milk
linseed and sesame seed

Put the dry ingredient into a big bowl. Add the butter or margarine (cut it into cubes so easier to handle), the cheese, the egg yokes and try to incorporate them into the flour. Once they feel like sand, then add the milk and make it into a dough. You don't have to overwork this because then the butter will melt and then the pogácsa is going to be too crumbly, falling into atomic small pieces when eaten. So no need for kneading at all. Put the dough into the fridge for one hour. Once chilled, take it out of the fridge and you have to work quickly.
Heat the oven to 190 degrees and in the meantime roll the dough out to 1.5 cm thick on a floured surface. 
Either cut them into squares or use your cookie cutter to make funny little pogácsas. (Mine looked like buttons.) Put them on your baking sheet.
Brush it with the egg white and then put any of your favourite seed on the top.
Cook the pogácsas for 15 mins in the oven.


Doctor Pepper said...

ez de jó! meg a doboz is de jó:)

Mrs Moore said...

hallo Doki! Az uramé a doboz :) ki másé lenne?! meg általában a tartalma is az övé...