31 August, 2010

wholegrain bread for Szilvi Cz.

Dear Szilvi,

As you requested I am sending you the bread recipe that you asked from me the other day.

This recipe was taken from the lovely Limara (http://limarapeksege.blogspot.com/) and adapted to my hubby's taste.
As I told you try to put the liquid ingredients into your bread-making machine and then the flour on the top.

250ml lukewarm tapwater
150g yoghurt or light sour cream
20g oil or butter
1,5 ts salt
1 tbs vinegar (I use balsamic vinegar as it gives the bread a deeper brown colour)
2 tbs potatoe flakes
300 g strong bread flour (BL80) - if you don't have any then mix. 150 g plain flour with 150 g rétesliszt :)
110 g rye-flour
150g wholegrain flour (I use tönköly)
1ts caster sugar
12-15g fresh yeast (I usually break them into as little crumbs as I can)
Linseed and sesame seed to be added for taste

Put the ingredients into your bread-making machine in the above described order. I use the quick, wholegrain bread program for baking. The timing is normally around 2hs 28 minutes.
Let me know if you managed to succeed with this recipe.
Mrs. Moore

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