29 August, 2010

first day as a blogger

Let me please introduce myself. Hello, my name is Aliz, Aliz Moore to be precise. From Budapest. Married woman with an Englishman hubby, a pug and a cat. This is my very first entry as blogger.
Just decided to share my non-professional, clumsy recipes with you to entertain you and to leave my footprint for the next generation.
I have a confession to be made: there are so many food blogs (a.k.a. gastroblogs) on  the internet that for a long time that was the reason why I did not start my own food blog. But something has changed in my today...don't know. Maybe the nice autumn weather that gave me this delirious inspiration to share my recipes with the virtual community of the internet, or maybe the wine that I was drinking...God knows.
As I mentioned I am very clumsy I mean, VERY CLUMSY and there is nothing wrong with that but it gives me barriers and inhibition sometimes. As a result of this clumsiness of mine, I myself will not take any photos. So any photos published on this blog will be taken by my lovely hubby.
Anyway, we had a busy weekend, from cooking point of view. I made the usual stuff on Sunday (that is chicken drumsticks in breadcrumbs) but I dedicated some time for other delicacies as well.
I have been thinking about trying some of the recipes that I saw on Celebrity Masterchef and read in Good Food but so far the summer heat prevented me from turning on the oven, let alone going close to that at all.
So I wanted to make Duck Au Vin but we did not get any duck so it became Cock Au Vin (recipe will follow).
Then on Sunday, hm, I went crazy in the kitchen. Started off with the lovely idea of making some sticky toffee pudding and ended up with two different muffins, and a kind of praline. That is going to be my next entry, my very second one. Hey, happy days. My blog is rolling... :) Thanks for your attention!

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